Academic Librarian Job Description

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Academic Librarian Job Profile and Description:

An academic librarian positions are very important as they play a very major role in the Education system. They need to have a great knowledge of data management and also how to guide people in retrieving information which would help in their research projects and studies. They are also responsible for selecting all the books and study materials necessary for setting up an institutional library.

Academic Librarian Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an Academic librarian would include:

  • Proper coordination with the staff to result in a successful operation of the library.
  • Contacting a lot of personnel to acquire current and useful information which would keep the readers updated.
  • Maintain the proper etiquettes required.
  • Proper maintenance of all the accounts and other financial transactions.
  • Create an easy system of helping people retrieve information conveniently.
  • Assisting researchers find the necessary materials for their research.
  • They need to make sure all information is organized and managed in an efficient manner.
  • They need to extend their support to all the students and staff equally.
  • One of the major responsibilities would be to secure measures to safeguard all the electronic data.
  • The academic librarian would need to be also updated with lot of information, in order to be of assistance to the readers.

Academic Librarian Skills and Specifications

An academic Librarian needs to have a lot of skills and specifications. Some of the most important one are listed below.

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Able to efficiently manage a team.
  • Must have very good research qualities.
  • Should be in a position to manage any issues with regard to the staff, readers and researchers.
  • Should always be updated with information across all genres.
  • Proper and perfect planning management skills are very essential.
  • Time management skills are of great essence for working at this post.
  • Also should possess very good financial management skills.

Academic Librarian Education and Qualifications

The Academic Librarian Education and Qualification requirements are listed below.

  • The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • The candidate must possess a master’s degree from the American Library association.

Academic Librarian Salary

The average salary for an academic librarian can vary from $56,360 to $80,480 annually. The salary of the candidate on this post also varies depending on their qualifications and experience.

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