Account Business Manager Job Description

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Account Business Manager Job Profile and Description

An account business manager has a very important role in the particular industry or sector he is working in. He is responsible for not only managing the smooth running of the business but also overseeing the details of the potential customers and their specific needs if any. He is required to have a creative mindset to connect well with his clients and generate positive responses in the creative programs he is associated with. He is often responsible to run promotional campaigns of the concerned products of the firm he is working for thus acting as a vital link between the company and its potential customers. He is also required to be self-motivated and inspire his fellow team members and those working under him to keep their spirit high. Working for the fast paced industry, he is required to stay up dated and have a thorough knowledge of the latest developments around. Having a good judgment skill of varied business situation is an additional bonus.

Account Business Manager Duties And Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an account business manager will involve the following:

  • Managing accounts of potential clients.
  • Develop creative ideas to run successful ad campaigns for the products of the firm.
  • Using his communicative skills to generate more business.
  • Be involved in project management duties.
  • Attending meeting with clients.
  • Be involved in his team’s growth and achievements.
  • Maintain good relationship with customers.
  • Manage important business accounts and data.
  • Be well versed and up to date about the latest developments in his field.

Account business manager Skills and Specifications

An account business manager is required to have the following skills and specifications:

  • Must possess good communication skill, both written and verbal.
  • Should be dedicated and passionate about his job.
  • Must be detail oriented and have good organisational skills.
  • Confidence and a persuasive manner.
  • Good business sense and ability to work within a particular budget.
  • Should be able to have good vocabulary skills to communicate effectively with clients.

Account business manager Education and qualification

The education and qualification requirements of an account business manager are as follows:

  • Must have a graduate degree in business management.
  • Postgraduate diploma in business management or CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing.
  •  Diploma in marketingcommunications will have special preferences.

Account business manager salary

An account business manager can expect to get an annual salary anywhere between $ 25,000-$45,000 depending on the industry he is working for and the place his firm is located in.

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