Account Management Job Description

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Account Management Job Profile and Description

The term “account management” refers to the management of the whole of the accounts department of an organization. The account manager is responsible for all the account transactions of the organization he is working for, as well as maintaining the accounts of the key clients of the organization. Account managers are in demand in the field of sales, marketing, advertising, IT, insurance, etc.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The account manager is responsible for overseeing the working of the accounts department.
  • He has to find out those clients whose accounts in the organization are shrinking and reach out and retain them.
  • He has to develop and further create relationships with the key clients of the organization.
  • He has to provide customer feedback of the key clients of the organization to the Marketing and Sales departments.
  • He has to ensure that the specific needs of key clients are met.
  • He has to conduct reviews of customer feedback in order to find out usage trends and service needs.
  • He has to handle the credit and billing disputes of the key clients.
  • He may have to handle direct calls from key clients of the company or calls that come through the Customer Service department.
  • He is also responsible for conducting follow-up on the client’s needs.

Skills and Specifications

  • The account manager has to have strong interpersonal skills as he will be handling the key clients of the organization.
  • He should be equipped with great teamwork capability.
  • He has to possess the coordination skills required to handle the different departments of the organization.
  • He should have a resourceful and problem-solving mind.

Education and Qualifications

Persons who want to become an account manager should have a Bachelor’s degree preferably in commerce stream. He must also have a post graduate degree or should be an MBA in finance or related fields. Training in handling important clients is an added advantage.

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