Account Sales Representative Job Description

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An account sales representative has a very unique and interesting role to play in the company he is working in.  He acts as a potential link between a company and its clients. He is required to make his clients aware of the company products, new market launches if any, and the utility of the said products. He might get his customers’ contact details through referrals or via company records and is required to maintain a good relationship with them. He not only maintains and services the present account data of his clients but also establishes new accounts of probable potential clients. He must have a good technical and analytical skill to assess varied business situations and must have a good demand over the present developments in his concerned work sector.  He should be motivated and efficient to inspire himself and his team fellows to meet their target well in time.

Account Sales Representative Duties And Responsibilities

An account sales representative is required to perform the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Service, maintain and develop new sales accounts of clients.
  • Develop healthy relationship with customers.
  • Keeps management up to date by submitting daily developments and records timely.
  • Monitor competition from rival companies by gathering correct and advanced market developments.
  • Recommends changes in products, service, and policies of the company.
  • Resolve customer problems by investigating the problems and finding proper solution to it.
  • Record feedbacks on products from customers.
  • Work closely with team members to achieve efficiency and good working environment.

Account sales representative Skills and specifications

The skills and specifications that are most important for an account sales representative are as follows:

  • Very good demand over communication skill and organization.
  • Dynamism and good persuasion skills.
  • Thorough knowledge of products and services to be promoted.
  • Very good knowledge of the company sales territory.
  • Ability to analyze and determine market value.
  • Must have a pleasant personality and able to communicate with efficiency and élan.
  •  Must be detail oriented and have good knowledge over latest market developments.

Account sales representative Education and Qualification

An account sales representative must have the education and qualification as stated below:

  • Must have at least a graduate degree in any field related to business studies.
  • Specialization certificate or diploma of vocational studies (DEP) in professional sales.


  • Diploma of college studies in Business management.

Account sales representative Salary

An account sales representative may receive an annual salary of $40,000-$60,000 based on the company policy and subject to location of the company.

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