Accounting Executive Job Description

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Accounting Executive Job Profile and Description

An accounting executive acts as a bridge between an organization and its clients. They have to maintain customer relationships and secure new business. They have to provide ongoing support and act as a primary point of contact. It is the account executive who is responsible for maintaining and developing long term relationships with customers.

They have to build sales and generate future income for the organization. In case of any concern or requests an account executive has to pass on their needs to the appropriate department. They play an integral part in the success of an organization.

Accounting Executive Duties and Responsibilities

There are various duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by an accounting executive. They are as follows:

  • Building sales prospects for new clients in order to generate future income for the organization
  • Maintaining¬†existing customer relationships and acting as a liaison between the company and a selected group of clients.
  • Attending to the questions and concerns of the clients and finding solutions to that
  • Planning, developing and executing sales strategies in order to meet target
  • Maintaining account records as well as forecasting reports
  • Attending training sessions to stay updated with latest trends
  • Attending conferences as well as trade shows
  • Making sales presentation to prospective clients
  • Checking and preparing reports in order to track the progress of a campaign
  • Sometimes they have to make high level decision with the consultation of VP or President of the organization
  • Developing work relationships and seeking purchasing decisions
  • Designing and delivering presentations in order to highlight products and the services provided by the organization
  • Negotiating terms of contract with the clients and closing the sales
  • Offering technical advice regarding sales training if required

 Accounting Executive Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications of an account executive play an important role in achieving success in his job. Some necessary skills required to be possessed are as follows:

  • Ability to use quantitative techniques in order to analyze results
  • Needs to possess efficient communication skills
  • Should be confident in nature
  • Must have the ability to manage things tactfully and in a persuasive manner

Accounting Executive Education and Qualification

In order to become an accounting executive an individual can pursue:

  • Bachelors degree in accounting
  • Bachelors in business administration
  • Post graduate degree in accounting or administration field will surely prove to be an added advantage.

Accounting Executive Salary

The average annual salary of an accounting executive is around $60,000.

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