Administrative Executive Assistant Job Description

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Administrative executive assistant Job Profile and Description

An administrative executive assistant is an employee of a working place, company or office space who is responsible for providing support and assistance to the management or executive level employees. Any person who works at this job position must carry out all those tasks which support the company and help in its daily management and operations. To be able to carry out these duties, an administrative executive assistant must possess the right qualifications, experience and skills. To understand more about the job profile of an administrative executive assistant, you can go through the following information.

Administrative executive assistant Duties and Responsibilities

The following is a list of the various duties and responsibilities which an administrative executive assistant must fulfil:

  • He/she is responsible for taking calls, answering queries, sending and receiving emails, preparing and presenting proposals and fixing meetings and appointments.
  • An administrative executive assistant is also responsible for updating the database and securing it from any kind of data loss.
  • Working on computer systems, photocopy machines, fax machines and other equipments is also the duty of an administrative executive assistant.
  • Another duty of an administrative executive assistant is to analyse information, find solutions to day to day problems and remove any glitches which might hinder with the effectiveness and operations of the company.
  • Taking care of inventory and supplies is also a responsibility of an administrative executive assistant.

Administrative executive assistant Skills and Specifications

The skills which an administrative executive assistant must possess are given as follows:

  • Good administrative abilities and exceptional written and verbal communication skills is the primary requirement from an administrative executive assistant.
  • He/she must be dedicated and should possess critical problem solving abilities.
  • Good managerial abilities, leadership skills and decision making skills are also needed by anyone working at this post.
  • Some other skills required are computer knowledge, data entry abilities and report formation skills.

Administrative executive assistant Education and Qualification

The following are the educational requirements which an administrative executive must possess.

  • High school education or high school certificate is the most basic requirement for this job.
  • Bachelor’s in any field with a focus on business administration, computer or accounting is also a mandatory requirement.
  • A diploma course in database management or accounting can also prove beneficial.

Administrative executive assistant Salary

The salary for the position of administrative executive assistant may vary from company to company but on an average the candidate at the post can earn an annual salary of $40000.

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