Administrative Receptionist Job Description

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Administrative receptionist Job Profile and Description

An administrative receptionist is an employee of a company or an office whose job is to handle the administrative, clerical and support tasks for the office space.  Receptionists working at administrative positions must have extremely good communication skills so that they can greet clients, customers and answer queries of all those who call or email the company.  Apart from this, an administrative receptionist must also perform many clerical tasks such as filing of information, maintaining database etc. To become an administrative receptionist, a person must have certain specific skills and should fulfil certain education requirements as well. The following is a detailed account of the job profile of an administrative receptionist.

Administrative receptionist Duties and Responsibilities

The following is a list of the main job duties and responsibilities of an administrative receptionist.

  • An administrative receptionist is responsible for answering phone calls, sending and replying to emails, sending and receiving faxes and filing all the paperwork.
  • Another responsibility of an administrative receptionist is to make reports, arrange meetings, enter data into computer systems, use database systems and receive and send couriers and other packages.
  • Booking flights, transportation, events and hotels is also part of the duty of an administrative receptionist.
  • He/she is also responsible for greeting and welcoming clients and helping them with their objective or purpose of visiting the office.

Administrative receptionist Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications which an administrative receptionist must possess are given as follows:

  • An administrative receptionist must have good managerial skills, leadership qualities, organizational abilities and problem solving skills.
  • He/she must be an excellent communicator and should be comfortable both with written and oral communication.
  • Another skill which an administrative receptionist must possess is computer proficiency.
  • An administrative receptionist must also be attentive and responsible for the happenings in the office and must be quick to respond to problem or emergency situations.

Administrative receptionist Education and Qualification

To become an administrative receptionist, one must fulfil the following given educational requirements:

  • High school certificate from an accredited high school is a must.
  • Bachelor’s or associate degree in any field is often a mandatory requirement.
  • Basic computer course or receptionist course can also be pursued to be able to handle this job in a better way.

Administrative receptionist Salary

On an average, the annual median salary which an administrative receptionist can expect to earn is $27000. There are many job openings and opportunities for those interested in this position.

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