Administrative Services Specialist Job Description

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Administrative services specialist Job Profile and Description

An administrative services specialist is an employee of a company who is responsible for carrying out specialised service administrative support functions. These employees must be hardworking as they are needed to perform many duties and responsibilities including training staff, preparing reports, coordination of filing systems and performing routine tasks like maintaining paperwork etc.

One must possess exceptionally good managerial skills to be able to handle the responsibilities associated with this job. Moreover, specialised education and knowledge is also required. To understand more about the same, you can go through the following given job description.

Administrative services specialist Duties and Responsibilities

An administrative services specialist has to perform the given set of duties and responsibilities:

  • An administrative services specialist is responsible for supervision and maintenance of the filing system and must perform paperwork related tasks like getting them photocopied,faxed, mailed etc.
  • He/she is also responsible for training student staff and interns and must also organize these training sessions.
  • Another responsibility of an administrative services specialist is to coordinate the activities of different employee of the department of company.
  • It is the duty of an administrative services specialist to review the operating procedures to see whether or not they are efficiency and effective enough.
  • Another responsibility is to work on computer systems for data entry and entering information into the computerised database system

Administrative services specialist Skills and Specifications

The skills which every administrative services specialist must possess are given as follows:

  • Good managerial skills and exceptional organizational skills are needed by anyone who wishes to become an administrative services specialist.
  • An administrative services specialist must also be very dedicated, attentive, diligent and hardworking to carry out the various duties related to the job.
  • He/she should also be proficient at working with computer systems and must have good communication and coordination skills as well.

Administrative services specialist Education and Qualification

To become an administrative services specialist, one needs to fulfil the following given educational requirements:

  • High school certificate or GED is an essential requirement.
  • Graduation or bachelor’s degree in business, accounting or computers can also be considered preferable and is also often made compulsory by some employers.
  • To improve computer proficiency, the candidate can take up a computer software related course. These courses are generally short term courses.

Administrative services specialist Salary

On an average, any person working at the position of an administrative services specialist is likely to earn an annual salary of $43000.

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