Aerospace Industry Job Description

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Aerospace Industry Job Profile and Description

Aerospace industry involves various job positions that require scientific means and technological measures to design, construct and maintain the performance of military and civil aircraft, satellites, space vehicles and various air weapons. As there are numerous task to perform in this industry, so the job positions also differ in accordance. However, with the contribution of every individuals’ work, an aerospace industry of a nation targets for a constant expansion and interests many new people to join as well.

Aerospace Industry Duties and Responsibilities:

Though work activities vary according to the role of the job; however, some of the typical duties and responsibilities of the aerospace industry are as follows:

  • Understanding the necessity of the job position essentially
  • Researching on the designing specifications that are to be implemented on building various air vehicles, satellites etc.
  • Supervising the entire assembly of the airframes and making proper installation of equipments and engines on satellites, aircrafts or on space vehicles.
  • Solving the issues associated with the design plan or the structure of the air vehicles by going through thorough testing processes.
  • Investigating on the accident cases of aircrafts
  • Interpreting and concluding from the collected data of satellites.
  • Along with the operation of air vehicles, one should have to maintain the systems and components of the same essentially.

Aerospace Industry Skills and Specifications:

As the duties of every job position in an aerospace industry differs, so the skills and specifications also vary. Nevertheless, some of the significant ones are as follows:

  • Capability of handling projects within provided timescale, budget and resources
  • Should have a strong ability of interacting with various kinds of people so as to communicate the problems of technicality to supplier, team members and other professionals within the group.
  • Potential of working in team.

Aerospace Industry Education and Qualifications:

The education and qualifications largely vary according to the job position one holds in the aerospace industry. Therefore one must possess certain degree or qualification according to their job area:

  • High school diploma- mandatory for all
  • Bachelor of aeronautics engineering- specially for aerospace engineers, scientist or  technicians
  • Masters or doctoral degree on aeronautics science or related field is highly preferable for professionals researching on this field.

Aerospace Industry Salary:

Low ranking jobs in the aerospace industry gets an average salary of $12,000- $16,000 per annum. However, the salary range largely differs for the high ranking position in accordance to the experience but generally it is between $20,000 -$150,000 per annum.

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