Agriculture research Job Description

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Agriculture research Job Profile and Description

Agricultural research is a wide term which deals with research in different aspects of agriculture like study of plants, animals, pests and their control, use of insecticides, genetically-modified seeds, crop production method, breeding of livestock, irrigation methods etc. A scientist may choose to specialize in a particular field and accordingly apply his knowledge of the biological sciences in making innovative discoveries and inventions which would lead to better, environment-friendly and cost-effective products.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Agriculture research scientists work as part of teams and study ways of improving crop yields and increase production of dairy products
  • These technicians take samples from the tissue or blood of animals or parts of plants to study them
  • They also have to operate equipment used for scientific testing and record data from these experiments
  • After compiling the data they need to interpret the results and make formal reports
  • They must use these results to find out new methods of crop growing, either through genetically-modified seeds or pesticides which will increase the production of the farm
  • They must investigate the problems in the field and suggest solutions for them

Skills and Specifications

  • Those interested in agriculture research must pay attention to details and must be observant of the minutest things in the plant and animal world
  • They must be able to follow oral and written instructions
  • They should know how to manage the scientific equipment and how to care for the plants and animals
  • Basic knowledge of computers for data entry, research analysis and other related software is necessary

Education and Qualifications

For agriculture research one needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree in science, in fields like zoology, botany, food science, agriculture etc. It is better to have a master’s or doctoral degree, especially if the researcher works for a college or university.

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