Agriculture sales Job Description

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Agriculture sales Job Profile and Description

An agricultural sales representative sells products and services related to farming and agriculture; this may include selling farm equipment, machinery, animal feeds, dairy, poultry supplies etc. It is no different from any other sales job, but here the target is usually the rural sector and thus the sales strategy must be formulated accordingly.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • An agricultural sales person takes orders from customers and clients either in person or by phone
  • He makes a list of all the prospective customers
  • He identifies who would require new and innovative equipment and recommends changes in use of agricultural products in order to improve production
  • He suggests improvements by consulting with the customers about the installation, or layout of agricultural equipment
  • He also demonstrates the use of these agricultural equipment or machinery
  • He makes reports of all the business transactions and also quotes prices and credit terms
  • He prepares sales contracts for the orders obtained
  • He gives customers information about the estimated delivery schedule, contracts, warranty, or other information related to the products they bought

Skills and Specifications

  • Like any sales job, an agricultural sales representative must have excellent communication skills
  • He must have basic technical knowledge of the various machinery
  • He needs to have knowledge of sales techniques and various marketing strategies
  • He must also have good interpersonal skills as he needs to interact with a lot of people from different strata of life
  • He should be persuasive, firm but understanding and perceptive of people’s needs and requirements
  • He must be good with numbers and have excellent math skills

Education and Qualifications

There aren’t any specific courses for this job but one may enroll in the agriculture university present in most agrarian countries. Besides that, degrees in sales and management will also be helpful in this field.

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