Aircraft Engine Mechanic Job Description

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Aircraft Engine Mechanic Job Profile and Description

The Aircraft Engine Specialist or Powerplant Mechanic works as part of an engine maintenance crew rated for specific engines for certain aircraft types.  They are tasked to test, repair modules and perform entire overhaul to restore engine to pristine condition after a few hundred hours of service.   Employed by commercial and chartered airlines, they hold position that may require government security clearance along with the necessary licensing and rating.

Aircraft Engine Mechanic Duties and Responsibilities

  • Test, repair and perform partial overhaul on the any of the assemblies and sub-assemblies of an aircraft engine as rated.
  • Replace all engine parts recommended by manufacturer fro replacement after certain cycle times or before reaching MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) or when disassembled.
  • Ensure that all special engine tools  and test equipment are fully serviceable prior to start of repair work and are fully accounted for after each repair.
  • Perform all tests and repair in strict compliance with the engine manufacturer’s repair and overhaul manual, service bulletins issued by manufacturers and engineering bulletins.
  • Perform data entry in the automated daily productivity system.
  • Access and update the inventory management system to place part orders when replacing parts of an engine unit, making sure that the correct part number is used.

Aircraft Engine Mechanic Skills and Specifications

  • Must have above average computer literacy
  • Must always be conscious of safety in any procedure
  • Must have high competence in troubleshooting and repairing electronics
  • Must be able to understand and apply manufacturer’s repair manuals as well as engineering and FAA bulletins
  • Must have above average communications and interpersonal skills as the work requires working in a team


Aircraft Engine Mechanic Education and Qualification

  • A vocational post secondary course in mechanical engineering sciences,
  • A 2-3 experience in aircraft maintenance work in the avionics section is an advantage
  • Must pass the A&P license administered by the US-FAA
  • Must undergo there required training for each type of engine to be rated accordingly


Aircraft Engine Mechanic Salary

The median wage for the Aircraft Avionics Technician in 2009 stood at $25.39 hourly, or $52,810 annualized.

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