Airline Pilot Job Description

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Airline Pilot Job Profile and Description

An airline pilot is a person who flies an aircraft, with passengers or cargo. The airline pilot is responsible for flying the aircraft safely from the place of take off to the destination. The profile calls for a pilot who could fly the aircraft having few important things in mind, like safety of passengers or goods, time sense, functionalities of the aircraft etc. The airline pilot is responsible for obeying the airport guidelines and maintaining the air routes.

Airline Pilot Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the duties and responsibilities of an airline pilot are listed below.

  • The airline pilot should be capable of handling an aircraft independently without any supervision.
  • Ensure that the connections with the ground level professional are clear, before the start and throughout the journey.
  • Should be capable of studying the basic conditions of the aircraft before take-off.
  • Should maintain smooth communication with passengers to give them a sense of security what so ever the condition may be.
  • Should be aware of the engine noise levels and predict the safety of the flight.
  • Need to take correct decisions at the occurrence of natural emergencies as well as in the condition of fault in engine or other aircraft accessories.
  • Should maintain the record of the details of the flight and also difficulties faced during the flight.
  • Should operate the autopilot system with respect to the command from the control room

Airline Pilot Skills and Specifications

Listed below are few skill sets and specifications of an airline pilot.

  • Should possess excellent observation skills.
  • Should possess good analytical and math skills.
  • The candidate should be a proactive person, capable of reacting correctly at the time of emergencies.
  • Should have good logical and grasping abilities, to interpret the commands from control room.
  • Should be self-possessed, composed individual to handle the cabin crew and passengers ably.

Airline Pilot Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for Airline pilot are mentioned below:

  • A bachelor’s degree in aeronautical/ mechanical engineering is preferred.
  • An airline transport certificate and work license in United States is must.
  • International flight experience is an added advantage.
  • Flying experience for more than 3000 hours of total fixed wing is required.
  • Federal communication commission issued operation permit is required.
  • The pilot should be trained in electronic flight information system and flight management system

Airline Pilot Salary

Average Salary of an airline pilot is around $115,000 and it increases with the experience of the candidate.

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