Amenity Horticulturist Job Description

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Amenity Horticulturist Job Profile and Description:

An Amenity Horticulturist is responsible for creating, maintaining and beautifying the places which include parks, gardens, cemeteries, sports facilities and other public places. Though the primary duty of an amenity horticulturist is to design and develop the places mentioned above but they also help in bringing a lot of life to the surroundings as well as preserving nature.

Amenity Horticulturist Duties and Responsibilities:

The list of major duties and responsibilities of an Amenity Horticulturist is given below:

  • Advise about various planting ideas for the place where it is necessary.
  • Checking the horticultural cultivation activities
  • Designing planting layouts.
  • They are required to plan and implement restoration projects.
  • They also need to formulate financial and administrative reports.
  • Organize programmes to create an awareness of the horticulture among the public.
  • Ensure all the statutory provisions with regard to pest control and supervise appropriate implementation as well.
  • They must be able to coordinate among the workers, contractors and buyers.
  • They must arrange surveys to check the effectiveness of the quality and acceptance of the ideas implemented.
  • They must conduct the assessment of the environment.
  • Develop the wildlife in grounds and gardens.

Amenity Horticulturist Skills and Specifications:

An Amenity Horticulturist needs to possess a lot of skills and specification for the job. Some of them are listed below.

  • They need to be very creative and also very enthusiastic.
  • They must have leadership qualities to help in implementing their ideas effectively.
  • They should possess very good communication and planning skills.
  • The candidate must have good eye for detail.
  • Must be articulate with work and also follow ethical practices at all times.
  • Must be in a position to adapt to the developments in the field and also be updated with regard to all the changes in their field.
  • Should be self motivated with love for nature and also a positive attitude to protect the same.
  • The candidate must have good organisational skills.

Amenity Horticulturist Education and Qualification:

The education and qualification of an Amenity Horticulturist is given below.

  • A degree either in horticulture, commerce or environmental science is required.
  • A master’s degree in horticulture will prove to be an added advantage.
  • Any additional degree in the field of soil science, environmental science, crop and plant science, landscaping and other will surely give an added advantage to the candidate.

Amenity Horticulturist Salary:

The average salary for an Amenity Horticulturist is around $35000, however this amount would vary based on the educational qualification and the training acquired by the candidate.

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