Analytics Manager Job Description

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Analytics Manager Job Description and Profile 

The job of an analytics manager is to analyze various data in the company such as performance of equipment, company expenses, working procedures, procedure strategies and marketing, and prepare reports, based on which the decisions makers of the company make decisions. The reports have to be accurate. High precision and meticulousness in work are two basic skills required for the job, besides excellent observation and analytical skills. Analytics managers are required in all industries, in both production and service sector.

Analytics Manager Duties and Responsibilities

  • Gathering information from various sources about different operations in the company
  • Analyzing the gathered data and preparing detailed reports
  • Presenting the reports to department heads and company executives in order to help them improve standards
  • Suggesting ways to improve productivity operations and staff
  • Identifying areas where productivity is low and bringing such aspects to the notice of the executives
  • Aiding in the decision making process by giving inputs based on the analysis
  • Documenting all analysis reports
  • Ensuring that the operations in the company are as per standards
  • Generating computer models for performance analysis
  • May have to undertake market analysis in order to suggest more apt production and marketing methods
  • Performing financial analysis and budget studies
  • Allocating responsibilities to analysts in the department

Analytics Manager Education, Training and Qualifications 

An analytical manager has to have a four years bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics. A bachelor’s degree in Information Technology can also be used for the job. In order to be an analytical manager, a person has to work in the field of information technology or as an assistant analyst.

Analytics Manager Degrees, Courses & Certification 

Four years bachelor’ degree in management, mathematics, statistics or information technology is a prerequisite. Several companies require a master’s degree for manager’s post. The degree has to be from an accredited institution.

Analytics Manager Skills and Specifications 

  • Excellent analytical and observation skills
  • Excellent communication and writing skills
  • Ability to grasp minute details and segregate the ones that are essential
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Ability to study and understand the changing trends in the industry and market
  • Must be creative and innovative in work
  • Strong knowledge about mathematical and statistical procedures of analysis
  • Strong knowledge about computer software used in technical and performance analysis

Analytic Manager‘s Salary/Wage

The salary of analytics manager ranges between $70,000 and $125,000 with the median salary being $107,000 per annum.

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