Archivist Job Description

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Archivist Job Profile and Description

Archivists are people who are in a prestigious position of preserving and keeping perfect track of historical documents and other important materials. They are required to help in the process of researching materials which have historical value and also prepare programmes that help in bringing out the awareness of the past. They also need to be able to communicate their ideas and also make important decisions.

Archivist Duties and Responsibilities

An Archivist is required to perform the below given duties and responsibilities.

  • Maintain proper records of all paper documents, maps, videos, voice calls and computer records.
  • They need to assist users looking for archival materials by directing them in a proper manner.
  • They are responsible to prepare and implement programs which are educative and also informational.
  • They should be able to investigate and preserve the origins and important history related information.
  • Must be able to coordinate with the staff to arrange exhibitions of the important information.
  • Should possess qualities that would be effective in communicating the exact information which is required.
  • Must be in a position to answer questions from public through the phone, mail and also in person.
  • Should be able to evaluate the documents found.
  • Would be responsible for arranging auctions and also maintain financial transactions.

Archivist Skills and Specifications

An Archivist has an important job to perform which require specific skill sets as following:

  • They should have very good communication and written skills.
  • They should be self motivated and possess a driving force which would show their enthusiasm in the job they are entitled to perform.
  • Strong computer knowledge is essential
  • Must be committed to provide the best quality.
  • Must possess decision making qualities.
  • Should be able to handle issues effectively.
  • Must possess excellent leadership qualities and should be open to ideas from other team members
  • Must have good knowledge of preparing articles for publication purposes.

Archivist Education and Qualification

The education and qualifications needed for the post are given below:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in history would qualify an Archivist job.
  • A Master’s degree in archaeology is highly preferred for growth in career path.
  • Many companies prefer candidates with PH.D for higher ranking positions.

Archivist Salary

An Archivist can expect an average salary of $44331, however the salary can vary based on the educational background, the training acquired and the experience gained.

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