Assembly Line Worker Job Description

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Assembly Line Worker Job Profile and Description

Assembly lines are parts of various factories where the products being manufactured consist of a number of different components which are together assembled to form a complete unit. An assembly line worker operates in such an assembly line and performs a specific task or a number of predetermined tasks in the assembly process.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Some assembly line workers work with their hands only, but they may also have to operate a number of tools and equipment
  • He may have to drill holes for the screws in the item or operate different machinery
  • The whole assembly process needs to be planned before an assembly line is built
  • He must ensure that the time, material and wastage is minimized
  • He is responsible for attaching or affixing pre-manufactured components and parts
  • He also operates a spot welding machine on a repetitive basis
  • As most of the work is done while standing, this job can be exhausting, but workers are rotated for variance in their work.
  • They use screwdrivers, pliers, soldering irons and special tools to position and hold parts during assembly

Skills and Specifications

  • The work is usually of a repetitive nature, and so the assembler must be able to continue doing the same work for long hours without getting bored or making mistakes
  • Hand dexterity is important, as small parts need to be assembled
  • Good eye-hand co-ordination is also required
  • Overall physical health should be robust, as the worker may have to stand for long hours and at times that is physically exhausting
  • They should be able to meet the daily targets
  • Teamwork is also important in this line

Education and Qualifications

Usually, an assembly line worker needs to have a high school degree at least.

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