Assembly Line Job Description

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Assembly Line Job Profile and Description

An assembly line refers to that section of a manufacturing process that involves parts or components being added to products like cars, or consumer durables goods, in a manual or automated assembly. They can include attaching specific pieces of a product, or the entire product is being completely assembled and made ready for distribution. Assembly workers are the individual who takes care of al this work.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assembly line jobs can include different positions ranging from assemblers to production line managers.
  • Assemblers assemble products or pieces of products and also have to test sub-assembled parts before assembling
  • After the process of assembling is complete, they properly store and maintain production parts, tools and equipment
  • Other job positions in this line include sorters, samplers and weighers
  • They are involved with the inspection process, and make sure the product has been assembled correctly
  • They work in the station and use technology to test, weigh or sample the product
  • Some of them even use their sense of smell and vision to inspect the product
  • They keep the work station neat and orderly, and properly store and maintain production parts and tools
  • Machine operators, setters or tenders work with machinery to put all the assembled parts together properly
  • They must make sure that the machinery is functioning properly

Skills and Specifications

  • Assembly line workers must be fit and healthy
  • They should be able to work in shifts and follow deadlines
  • They must have good analytical and communication skills
  • They should work in a team and coordinate among themselves
  • They must be extremely careful and alert so that no accidents take place

Education and Qualifications

The educational qualifications of assembly line workers depend on their designation. Sorters, samplers and weighers are normally required to have a high school degree. Some of them may need to have training or certification in operating the machinery.

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