Assistant Event Planner and Description

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Assistant Event Planner Job Profile and Description

An assistant event planner is the person involved with the planning and execution of an event. They plan and coordinate functions and ensure that everything runs smoothly. An associate can organize any event from public functions, weddings, parties to corporate functions.

Duties and Responsibilities

As an assistant event planner job duties and responsibilities are crucial and determine the success or failure of the event. They include:

  • Handling all aspects of an event to ensure that everything happens flawlessly.
  • Taking the clients’ ideas and make them a reality.
  • Drawing up a budget for all the expenses required.
  • Writing and sending out invitations, and later, sending ‘thank you’ cards.
  • Contacting and hiring of caterers, entertainment and companies involved with the decorating.
  • Negotiating for lower prices.
  • Closing deals on behalf of the client.
  • Processing all checks for expenditure and payment of the hired hands.
  • Publicizing the upcoming event.
  • Keeping records of all details and transactions so that there is accountability of the money used.
  • Checking damage control.

Skills and Specifications

Being a highly lucrative job, an assistant event organizer job skills and specifications are important. You have to:

  • Enjoy social events.
  • Be organized and can multitask.
  • Have many contracts of negotiation.
  • Be dependable and work independently.
  • Be professional.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Have leadership qualities.
  • Be a people person.

Education and Qualifications

To hold the position of an assistant event organizer, specific job education and qualifications are not often required. This is because on-the job training is offered. But when dealing with large organizations, you should hold a bachelor’s degree in hospitality, entertainment management, communication, marketing, tourism or sales. Also have some previous experience in hospitality.

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