Assistant Manager HR Generalist Job Description

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Assistant Manager HR Generalist Job Profile and Description

An assistant manager HR generalist is a junior HR managerial role and you are expected to effectively carry out most of the HR job functions and report to the HR Manager. In this role you are expected to oversee employee relations with company, company policy adherence, logistics, and recruitment and training functions.

Assistant Manager HR Generalist Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • You are not really expected to lay out policies and guidelines for other employees to follow, but you are expected to make sure that the existing guidelines are strictly adhered to.
  • Training staff is a big part of the job and you are required to know the policies and guidelines in and out when you are training others to follow them.
  • Interviewing new candidates and listening to employee queries and problems is another aspect of the job, so you need to have an eye for talent and also need to be a good listener with problem solving skills.

Assistant Manager HR Generalist Job Skills and Specifications

  • You should be able to efficiently maintain all employee records and files and also aid in proper functioning of the HR office.
  • In this role you are expected to effectively run compensation and benefits administration.
  • You are also required to look after employee safety and welfare and also maintain employee health records.

Assistant Manager HR Generalist Job Education and Qualifications

  • In order to be eligible for this role you need to have at least a degree in Human Resources and have good communication and organizational skills.
  • A degree or diploma in Public Relations can broaden your job prospects.

Assistant Manager HR Generalist Salary

  • The pay packet wouldn’t be as hefty as that of an HR head, but you cannot reach that position until you’ve proved yourself in this role.
  • You could expect to draw around $5000 – $8000 per month in this role.

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