Assistant Sales Manager Job Description

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Assistant Sales Manager Job Profile and Description

An assistant sales manager is second to the sales manager in hierarchy of the sales department of an organisation. The individual performs all tasks and duties/ responsibilities that make for the sales segment. They have to manage the amount of sales, put in place proper sales management mechanisms and ensure that the targets set by the higher authorities are achieved.

The assistant sales manager answers directly to the senior sales manager and also to the top level management. These individuals must be well educated and skilled to meet the requirements of this job type, and must adapt to the industry in which they are located.

Assistant Sales Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The duties or responsibilities to be met by the assistant sales manager are:

  • Provide assistance in the development and implementation of the sales plans, programs and procedures for the achievement of organisation goals.
  • Access the sales plans/ project on regular basis and analyse the situation to bring about regular forward moving changes.
  • Look at the market trends including sales unit’s and customer’s points of view. Use them to improve company performance.
  • Keep the required paper work and other project details updated as required by the higher officials.
  • Update the whole team and the management/ key executives of the progress of the sales plans and projects.

Assistant Sales Manager Skills and Specifications

Here is a list of few skills and other qualities that are required of assistant sales managers:

  • Great communication and people skills
  • Energetic personality with the ability to motivate others as well.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Good managerial, organisational and planning abilities
  • Spoken skills to influence clients
  • Technical background/ knowledge
  • Team building and leadership qualities.

Assistant Sales Manager Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications that an assistant sales manager must possess to get employed at the position are:

  • Bachelor degree in any business related discipline from a state accredited institution.
  • The right amount and kind of training is essential before starting as an assistant sales manager. Many organisations provide on the job training.
  • Post graduate level short term diploma courses with focus on sales industry is also a big plus point.

Assistant Sales Manager Salary

An assistant sales manager will earn anywhere between $24,600 and $60,200 depending upon the type of the organisation, skills and experience of the candidate. The median salary for the job position is around $39,500 per annum.

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