Athletic Director Job Description

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Athletic Director Job Profile and Description

An athletic director is a person who manages sports and other physical activities for schools, universities and other types of educational institutes.  These individuals must supervise the coordination and planning of sporting events and see to it that all necessary arrangements and preparations are made on time. An athletic director must make sure that all students receive good quality of athletic practice and the potentially strong sportspersons are encouraged to take part in competitions.  In order to fulfil the various duties and responsibilities associated with this position, an athletic director must fulfil the right requirements and skills. The following is a detailed job description for a person working as an athletic director:

Athletic Director Duties and Responsibilities

The main job duties and responsibilities of an athletic director are given as follows:

  • To direct all the athletic activities and make it a point to provide the right training, education and coaching to all students and learners.
  • To supervise the management of sporting and athletic events and make sure that the preparations are done on time.
  • To manage athletic department’s budget and remain within it while purchasing supplies and sporting equipments.
  • To train the potential sportspersons and encourage them to take part in higher level competitions.
  • To keep track of sporting goods and ensure that supplies are always adequate.

Athletic Director Skills and Specifications

Many skills are needed by a person who wishes to become an athletic director. The following are some of the major ones:

  • Strong athleticskills, high level of physical fitness and a never say die attitude.
  • Good training and coaching skills, motivational skills, strong leadership qualities.
  • Strict towards maintaining discipline, strong communication skills and excellent managerial abilities
  • Strong knowledge of sporting tools and equipments and the right training in a variety of sports.
  • Energetic, focussed and dedicated towards the various duties of the job.

Athletic Director Education and Qualification

Any person who wants to be an athletic director must fulfil the following education and qualification requirements:

  • A high school diploma from a recognised school is a mandatory requirement.
  • Experience in athletics or a few years of experience as a sporting coach or director is a must to meet the expectations associated with the job.

Athletic Director Salary

On an average, a person working as an athletic director can expect to earn an annual salary of $99370. This figure may vary depending upon the place of employment.

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