Auctioneer Job Description

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Auctioneer Job Profile and Description:

Stating it straightforward, auctioneers sell the auctioned articles to the highest bidder. They present the auctioned object to the bidders and provide a description of the object on bid. The auctioneer is the most important person in an auction as he is the one who manages and maintains the entire auction. If the highest bid is not outbid, the auctioneer then declares the name of the final winner. Taking care of the payment process and studying the object in detail before presenting it before the bidders is the most important work done by an auctioneer. Generally small scale auctions require intensive study of the object so that the object could be presented in a more fascinating way to the bidders. This needs a thorough study followed by a fruitful presentation and there lies the skill of a typical auctioneer.

Auctioneer Duties and Responsibilities:

The main duties and responsibilities of an auctioneer have been explained underneath:

  • All auctioneers owe a basic duty of fairness and competence to the person buying the product in auction.
  • Being in a fiduciary position, the auctioneer is the leader of the entire auction.
  • They obtain the best possible price for the seller.
  • Explains the key qualities of the object been auctioned
  • Provides a range of price values for the object in auction.
  • Remit the funds collected from the buyer to the seller.
  • Handles the accounts and funds related to the auction

Auctioneer Skills and Specifications:

An auctioneer must bear the following skills and specifications:

  • Must have outstanding public speaking capability and must enjoy being in front of the crowd.
  • Should possess a distinct vocal and appraisal skill.
  • Must bear oratory skills.
  • Should bear a good stamina to work for hours
  • The auctioneer must be confident and smart and should have the skill and tactics to capture the audience‚Äôs interest towards the product.
  • Should have a good psychology of the auction and must understand the pulse of the public.

Auctioneer Educational Qualifications:

The requisite educational qualifications of an auctioneer are:

  • A high school degree is the minimum qualification required as an auctioneer needs to have a wide knowledgeable base so that they he can work more efficiently.
  • Should have a formal training from any auction training school.
  • Could be a graduate with fine arts as the prime subject.

Auctioneer Salary:

The average salary of an auctioneer is about $46,602. The salary however varies with organisations and with the eligibility and skill of the auctioneer.

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