Audit Officer Job Description

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Audit Officer Job Profile and Description

An audit officer is one who is in charge of the audit activities that are essential in a bank. The audit officer has many prime responsibilities to fulfill which decide the levels of internal controls followed by the bank. The candidate has to evaluate the various accounting systems and procedures followed in the bank for any deviations.

Apart from this the profile of an audit officer entails strict checking of the financial records, accounting and books of records in order to maintain lower digression from standard banking processes.

Audit Officer Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of an audit officer director will involve:

  • The audit officer has to plan and coordinate all the audit systems of the bank.
  • The officer also has to evaluate and suggest various professional businesses that entail better profitability for the bank.
  • The officer has to compile all the audit reports and submit to senior management as and when necessary.
  • Ensure that the bank follows sound risk management procedures to minimize risk as much as possible.
  • The officer has to arrive at the various procedural lapses in management of the activities of the bank and submit on priority basis to senior management.

Audit Officer Skills and Specifications

The skills and specifications that are required of an audit officer director include:

  • The candidate should have strong ethical values and principles to be able to justify the critical role assigned in the bank.
  • The candidate should have good problem solving skills to take necessary corrective action.
  • The candidate should be a self motivated person who has the capability to lead a team to success on the job.
  • Good analytical and math skills are essential for proper audit performance.
  • The candidate should have multitasking ability to work on various activities at the same time efficiently.
  • Good organizing and methodical functioning skills is essential to perform well on the job.
  • The candidate should have good decision making skills to excel on the job.

Audit Officer Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for an audit officer are as follows:

  • A Bachelors degree in any stream such as commerce, arts or sciences group is necessary.
  • A Masters degree in auditing, accounting or finance is mandatory for candidates seeking higher position.

Audit Officer Salary

The average salary of an audit officer is $80, 000 per annum and increases by 10% to 15% depending on work experience.

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