Audit trainee job description

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Audit traineeĀ Job Profile and Description

The job of a trainee auditor is to understand and follow the various process and formalities of auditing the accounts of a company. The basic procedures involves checking of financial statements produced by the clients to make sure that all receipts and expenditure have been properly accounted for and then their financial systems must be verified to see that all the payments have been made in accordance with accounting standards. If required, the auditor must then also advise the client on how these systems can be improved.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The audit trainee must familiarise himself with his clients and develop and maintain good relations with them
  • He should be able to lead audit teams in the testing of financial systems
  • He must learn how to carry out approved audit programmes
  • He needs to document the fieldwork carried out by him in accordance with quality standards
  • He also has to draft letters and reports for his manager
  • He would have to examine balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, identifying risks or problems and assess the company’s general reporting systems

Skills and Specifications

  • An audit trainee must be very good with numbers and pay attention to details
  • He should have in-depth knowledge of the accounting laws of the country and verify if the documents provided follow those norms or not
  • He should be able to read between the lines and not take the data for granted
  • He must be organised and hard-working, as the auditing process is a long process

Education and Qualifications

The audit trainees must at least have a degree in mathematics, commerce or the equivalent in finance, accounting etc. In some cases, they also need to have a licence from the government to be an official auditor. There are institutes of chartered accountancy which provide courses for this field.

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