Bank clerk Job Description

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Bank clerk Job Profile and Description

A bank clerk or a teller takes care of basic banking transactions and serves as a primary point of contact for bank customers. This is an entry-level position where he answers financial queries and makes fundamental calculations and updates.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A bank clerk or teller accepts deposits and cashes checks from customers and makes the necessary updates in the system
  • He pays cash to customers after validating the signatures on the check, draft etc and fund availability
  • He needs to verify customer signatures and check photo identification when handling withdrawals to ensure that it is valid and there is no breach of security
  • He has to record all transactions made by him by entering data into the bank’s computer system
  • He accepts loan payments on behalf of his employer’s lending department
  • He must help customers resolve any issue or problem related to their accounts and if necessary refer the matter to the bank manager
  • He also needs to give customers information about the bank’s products and services like credit cards, tax saving schemes, loan schemes etc, and has to promote them
  • He must always ensure that the balance of his money drawer is accurate and accounted for

Skills and Specifications

  • A bank clerk must be professional and have polished manners
  • He should have good interpersonal skills and must be cordial when interacting with passengers
  • He needs to very good math skills and must be fast but accurate when handling cash
  • He needs to have good problem-solving skills and must be able to work under pressure and long hours

Education and Qualifications

A person interested in this field must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or a related field. He should be good in mathematics, and know the basics of computers.

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