Banking Service Manager Job Description

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Banking Service Manager Job Profile and Description

Banking service manager refers to the individual who manages the customer services in the bank. These managers ensure that all the needs of the customers are being managed and that the bank is providing excellent services to all the customers. The purpose of this position is to promote the well being of the bank and cordial customer equations. Other detailed description of the responsibilities, requirements and job outlook are given in this article.

Banking Service Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The banking service manager job position entails the following job duties and job responsibilities:

  • Provide all the customers at the bank with appropriate help and all the advice needed by them about any service or product.
  • It is the duty of the banking service manager to communicate with the customers as courteously as possible and make them feel comfortable.
  • The banking service manager has to handle all of the customer complaints and take care of all the complaints.
  • The service manager must maintain proper records of the correspondences with the customers of the bank.
  • The manager must also conduct regular checks and surveys to access the level of customer service provision and satisfaction.
  • Based on this assessment he/ she must make suggestions to boost customer services.

Banking Service Manager Skills and Specifications

The individual at the position of the banking service manager must have following skills and specifications:

  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Ability to make quick, well thought out decisions
  • Good under pressure
  • The patience to listen to all the problems
  • Great communication skills and courteous nature.
  • Organisational, management and planning skills.
  • Ability to deal with tact, diplomacy and confidence.

Banking Service Manager Education and Qualification

The banking service manager candidate must have or possess the following educational qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s level degree in fields of business studies, marketing, management studies and consumer studies are preferred, even though employment at the position is open to individuals from all fields of graduate study.
  • Once the individual gets placed as the service manager, on the job experience and knowledge may lead them to higher levels of hierarchy.
  • However some banks may require the individual to have prior experience in customer services or at least some training in it.

Banking Service Manager Salary

The service managers in the banking sector receive an average/ median salary of $ 40,395 per annum.


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