Bar Manager Description

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Bar Manager Job Profile and Description

bar manager is a person who manages; works to ensure that the bar runs well. He sees to it that the bar keeps operating effectively. He can also oversee the dining and food preparation.

Duties and Responsibilities

bar manager job duties and responsibilities are like those of any other manager, except they revolve around the bar area. They include:

  • Being responsible for the business in general.
  • Writing up the staff schedules.
  • Telling people what they should or shouldn’t do.
  • Assist with bartending on very busy days.
  • Keeping an inventory.
  • Oversee all bar operations i.e. the hiring of staff and event planning.
  • Doing all the budgeting.
  • Allocate funds for daily operations.
  • Sort out any emergencies or complaints arising from the guests or the employees.
  • Manage the money and the staff.
  • Train the staff members.
  • Report any breaches to the senior management.
  • Conduct a frequent performance review of the employees.
  • Keep all records of cash and supplies.
  • Buy all the required supplies.
  • Ensure that the bar meets all the directives involved in bar keeping.
  • Have knowledge of local and federal regulations on the sale and distribution of alcohol.

Skills and Specifications

bar managers job skills and specifications include;

– Good interpersonal skills,

– Good communication skills,

– Neat physical appearance and

– At least 21 years of age

Education and Qualifications

For a bar manager job education and qualifications are not mandatory. However, for a big bar a degree in restaurant management or a minimum of 5 years experience will be a big plus.

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