Bar staff Job Description

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Bar staff Job Profile and Description

The bar staff are the people who work in a bar. They attend to the customer’s every need. They are also referred to as the wait personnel i.e. the waiter and the waitress. They take orders from the customers, serve food and refill drinks. They also collect the payment.

Duties and Responsibilities

Bar staff job duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Spreading of the table linen.
  • Setting of the dishes and silverware in the order of which meal will be served first.
  • Ensuring that all the water jars are refilled.
  • Taking a customer’s order and conveying it to the chef for preparation.
  • Refilling of a customer’s glass every time they finish their drink until they say they have had enough.
  • Tending to all the customers needs.
  • Provide information about the dishes being served, to help a customer select a meal.
  • Clear dishes from the table once the customer is done using them.
  • Cleaning the table once the customer has left and preparing it for the next customer.
  • Ensure that the bar area is always clean.

Skills and Specifications

Bar staff job skills and specifications that one should have to be considered for the job as part of the bar staff is that:

-You should be a good listener,

– Possess some knowledge on food and drinks,

– You should also be able to offer fluid service,

– You should be a team player,

– Possess people skills,

– Warm, welcoming and friendly.

-You should also be outgoing and very persuasive.

Education and Qualifications

For a bar staff job education and qualifications are not really required as on the job training is offered. One just has to be of legal working age, although previous working experience could be an advantage.

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