Bartender Job Description

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Bartender Job Profile and Description

bartender is a person who serves beverages, behind a bar in a pub, tavern or restaurant. A bartender’s work is to tend, mix and servescocktails and other drinks, mainly alcoholic beverages to customers. It is said that how well and organized a bar is speaks volumes of thebartender.

Duties and Responsibilities

bartender has certain responsibilities he must see to. A bartender job duties and responsibilities involve:

  • Selling of alcoholic drinks to customers.
  • Serving customers.
  • Checking the customer’s identification to confirm that the customer is of drinking age.
  • Taking payments from the customers.
  • Keep the bar well stocked by maintaining the liquor, garnishes and glasses at the bar.
  • Refuse to serve customers that have had too much to drink.
  • Call taxi cabs for those that are inebriated.
  • Keeping records of tabs so in the end they can know how much a customer has had and what is to be paid.
  • Pour drinks quickly and as per the customer’s specifications.
  • Keep the bar clean.

Skills and Specifications

For a bartender job skills and specifications, the required skills are;

– Should be able to mix all the different drinks correctly,

– Should be very warm and friendly to encourage the customer to drink more

-Should be able to multitask and handle all the equipment especially in a bar that uses modern technology.

Education and Qualifications

To hold a bartender job education and qualifications required for acceptance are not necessary, because on-the job training is offered for new recruits. But some courses can also be taken to improve one’s skills. They include; attending vocational school in bartending. You are also required to have a bartender’s license and the state health certificate.

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