Bindery Worker Job Description

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Bindery Worker Job Profile and Description

A bindery worker’s job mainly focuses on setting up and operating the binding machine. All printing and publication houses employ large binding machines for binding and compiling books, documents, pamphlets, magazines, cards and other paper materials. The work of supervising the machines and putting the books in place for binding belongs to the bindery worker. Sometimes the work has to be finished off manually by stapling, affixing, punching and creasing papers. This is overtaken by the bindery worker completely. However, the work boundary does not end there. The cleaning and maintenance of the machines also have to be done by him on a regular basis to avoid rusting or immobility of parts.

Bindery Worker Duties and Responsibilities

Thus the focal points of the job are laid down in the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Positioning and operating binding and cutting machines run by power
  • Fixing the back gear for achieving a specific type of length, width and squaring
  • Adjusting the machines for the purpose of setting a limited number of performance
  • Setting up electrically operated perforators
  • Compressing papers for bounding, side-stitching, saddle-stitching and covering
  • Fastening, stapling and pinning sheets together in the desired sequence
  • Inserting additional sheets and illustrated pages
  • Wrapping finished materials in plastic and tape
  • Taking down order and deadlines for supply of orders
  • Keeping records and inventories
  • Supervising under-qualified binders in the technical operations
  • Removing and stacking printed materials

Bindery Worker Skills and Specifications

The skills that yield to better performance of bindery workers are:

  • Good comprehension skill for understanding customer needs and specifications
  • Writing and mathematical skill for keeping written records and drawing calculations
  • Ability to perform tasks within deadline
  • Ability to work with enormous machines
  • Ability to work in the same fashion every day
  • Creativity skill generates outstanding embellishment plans for books along with attention to minute details
  • Organization skill with which the whole job is done systematically

Bindery Worker Education and Qualifications

There is no educational demand from a bindery worker per se. The basic level of education is indicated in the following statements. However, the degree is not inevitable for an entry-level position.

  • High school diploma in any field
  • On-the-job training program

Bindery Worker Salary

The average pay per hour is $14.00 in a range of $9.00 to $22.00.

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