Biomedical Equipment Technician Job Description

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Biomedical Equipment Technician Job Profile and Description

A biomedical equipment technician is an individual who specializes in repairing, installing and maintaining medical equipments like dialysis machines, medical imaging equipment, machine used for ultrasound or defibrillators.  They usually work in hospitals or in an organization providing medical facility.

A biomedical equipment technician may also have to sometimes teach nurse, therapists as well other members of the hospital in using and operating the medical equipments. Sometimes they may have to write an analysis of the problem existing in a machine and prepare reports. They have to inspect new equipments in order to ensure that the machine is running properly.

Biomedical Equipment Technician Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by a biomedical equipment technician are as follows:

  • Ensuring that the medical equipments are used accurately and responsibly
  • Check for repair and install medical equipments in a medical facility
  • Inspect the new machine arriving in the hospital or medical service organization in order to ensure that it is working properly
  • Making analysis of the machine installed so that it can be fixed or send for repair if not working properly
  • Training nurses, junior biomedical equipment technicians and other hospital staff  regarding operation of the medical equipments
  • Correctly using special software in calibrating or repairing malfunctioning equipments
  • Performing preventive maintenance as well as electrical safety testing of medical equipments
  • Servicing various equipments and apparatus like x ray units, patient monitors, electrosurgical units, anesthesia apparatus, electrocardiographs, blood gas analyzers etc.
  • Consulting with medical staff in order to determine whether an equipment is functioning properly
  • Demonstrating ways of operating a medical equipment
  • Modifying a certain medical equipment under the supervision of engineering staff
  • Carrying out safety tests on the medical equipments

Biomedical Equipment Technician Skills and Specifications

In order to become a biomedical equipment technician, an individual needs to possess the following skills and specifications.

  • Needs to have good interpersonal skills
  • Should possess good technical knowledge
  • Ability to train effectively
  • Should be detail oriented and organized
  • Must have good inspection skills
  • Must have an eye for detail.

Biomedical Equipment Technician Education and Qualification

The educational qualification required in order to become a biomedical equipment technician are:

  • Two year associate degree in related field
  • Bachelors degree in biomedical equipment technology or engineering

Biomedical Equipment Technician Salary

The average annual salary of a biomedical equipment technician is around $41520

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