Bookbinder Job Description

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Bookbinder Job Profile and Description

A bookbinder conducts the task of binding sheets that are dispatched from the printing houses. The printed sheets are given a wholesome look by binding them into books, journals, magazines, manuals, brochures and enveloping them with hardy covers. Sometimes the operations are executed by hand and the bookbinder has to be that much skilled to do it with efficacy.  Even old and flimsy books are given to him for binding and casing. He should have a good perception of shape and size to cut and transform pages into stipulated dimensions according to the customer’s specification. The bookbinder is expected to be up to date with respect to the operations performed and achieved by power-operated binding machines too.

Bookbinder Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities may be sub-divided in the following pattern:

  • Assembling sheets for binding purpose
  • Applying glue to the covers for pasting them with the end pages
  • Trimming and cutting pages to fit them into a specific shape with hand cutter
  • Repairing and rebinding damaged books
  • Designing leather covers, cloths and lettering patterns
  • Perforating and punching papers for attachment
  • Sewing or stitching books sideways
  • Creating paperbacks and soft covers
  • Casing books with foil, cloth or paper
  • Reshaping card board pieces for hardcover binding
  • Packing finished books in cartons and hard boxes
  • Sending  to customers for delivery

Bookbinder Skills and Specifications

The general abilities that should be present in ample amount in bookbinders and similar artisans are as follows:

  • Mechanical skill and finger dexterity in handling and treatment of large number of sheets
  • Great expanse of knowledge about the machines used in bookbinding
  • Customer and personal service skill in meeting customer demands and providing complete satisfaction
  • Grammatical and verbal skill necessary in writing and communicating with customers
  • Ability to pay attention to details coupled with organizational skill
  • Mediating skill helps in coordinating team workers
  • An ability to monitor costs, expenses , machines and others’ performances
  • Manipulative skill in proper manipulation of papers, tools and small objects
  • Ability to concentrate while using the controls of a machine

Bookbinder Education and Qualifications

There is no qualification which is absolutely pertinent for the job. The candidate will only have to possess:

  • High school education
  • Apprenticeship training degree
  • On-job experiences of book binding

Bookbinder Salary

The annual wage of a bookbinder is estimated to be $28,516. However it largely depends on work flow.

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