Business Intelligence Analyst Job Description

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Business Intelligence Analyst Job Profile and Description

A Business Intelligence Analysts are those professionals who provide financial and marketing related support to organizations and help them tap the market potential and opportunities. Business Intelligence analysts are employed in a number of industries and are required to study market data to make predictions that can be used by the company to earn more revenue and meet profit targets.  Intelligence analysts devise ways to study market patterns and trends.  There are many more duties and responsibilities of a person working as a Business Intelligence Analyst and to fulfil these wide number of duties, one needs to be aptly qualified and sufficiently skilled. The following is a detailed Business Intelligence Analyst job description.

Business Intelligence Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

Given in the following lines are the important duties and the responsibilities which a Business Intelligence Analyst must perform.

  • To study market trends and to find those patterns which the company can tap upon and benefit from it.
  • To analyse customer buying behaviour and trends in order to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.
  • To conduct tests and find out whether or not the Intelligence or methodologies followed by the company are consistent with the needs of the company.
  • To maintain data, update tools and create better database systems for the overall improvement in the company’s methods and activities.
  • To manage the timely flow of the Business Intelligence information to users.

Business Intelligence Analyst Skills and Specifications

Listed in the following lines are the main skills and qualities which every Business Intelligence Analyst must possess:

  • Exceptional research skills, observation skills and evaluation skills.
  • Good leadership skills and managerial abilities.
  • Good analytic skills and problem solving attitude.
  • Ability to think out of the box to come up with better strategies for marketing, sales and financial accounting.
  • In-depth knowledge of the market and its trends.
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills.
  • Focussed, hardworking and diligent.

Business Intelligence Analyst Education and Qualification

A Business Intelligence Analyst must fulfil the following given educational requirements:

  • Bachelors’ level education in Business Administration, Finance, accounting or a related subject is a mandatory requirement.
  • Master’s degree in administration, marketing or finance can also be considered useful.
  • Diploma course in Business Intelligence may also be needed in certain cases.

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary

Depending upon the size of the company, exact role in the firm and other factors, the salary may vary but on an average, the yearly salary of a business intelligence analyst is $84000.

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