Business Intelligence Director Job Description

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Business Intelligence Director Job Profile and Description

A Business Intelligence Director is a person who is employed in a company to identify market opportunities and translate them to actions in order to earn maximum revenue and profit target.  These individuals help sales and marketing departments in finding new clients, customers and buyers with the aim of maximising profits.  Business intelligence directors are employed in many industries and may be required to perform different duties and roles according to the exact work setting. But no matter which industry the candidate is employed in, he/she needs certain educational qualifications and skills to perform well. The following is a detailed job description of a Business Intelligence Director.

Business Intelligence Director Duties and Responsibilities

Given below are the main job duties and responsibilities of a business intelligence Director:

  • To work with sales and marketing teams or departments to suggest ways to attract new customers and retain the old ones.
  • To tap the market and its opportunities in such a way that the company can benefit from it and earn maximum revenue.
  • To devise ways to achieve the set company profit targets and overall goals.
  • To analyse existing systems, policies and methodologies to suggest improvements and newer and better ways.
  • To build a strong market knowledge and study market trends in order to strike when the time is right.
  • To collect and analyse customer information.
  • To analyse buying behaviour and devise ways to tap the buying trends of customers.
  • To improve existing training programs so as to ensure maximum staff productivity

Business Intelligence Director Skills and Specifications

The following are some of the skills needed by a person who wants to be a Business Intelligence Director:

  • Very strong analytic, observation and researching skills.
  • Good leadership qualities and managerial abilities.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and focussed working nature.
  • High attention to detail and ability to prioritize.
  • Excellent marketing skills and planning abilities.
  • Reliable, productive, self-motivated and hardworking.

Business Intelligence Director Education and Qualification

Given below are the educational qualifications of a business intelligence director:

  • A bachelor’s degree in the field of accounting, business management or a related subject is a must.
  • MBA or Master’s in any other subject related to business is considered a useful qualification.
  • Experience of working in the marketing or sales department is also required.

Business Intelligence Director Salary

A Business Intelligence Director can expect to earn an annual median salary of $101000.

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