Business Support Executive Job Description

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Business Support Executive Job Profile and Description

Every business needs certain workers or executives to provide it with the needed support and day to day administrative tasks. These individuals who are hired for the needed support in sales, manufacturing or any other department are called Business Support executives. Each company may use these executives for different functions depending upon their needs and requirements but basically, they are hired to fill gaps wherever required.  It is due to business support executives that a business runs smoothly on an overall basis as well as a day-to-day basis. These individuals work closely with the upper level staff members and help the business achieve its goals. The following is a detailed description of a business support executive’s job.

Business Support Executive Duties and Responsibilities

A business support executive is required to fulfil the following given job duties and responsibilities:

  • To oversee the general management related tasks and make it a point that everything in his/her department is well coordinated and well managed.
  • To ensure that the goals of the department or company are met regularly and the projects plans are properly executed and implemented.
  • To set budgets and maintain records and database for the overall smooth functioning and operations.
  • To direct investigations so as to resolve issues between customers and staff members.
  • To act as a link between the different departments to coordinate their activities and maintain a balance.

Business Support Executive Skills and Specifications

The following are the skills and specifications needed by anyone who is working at the position of a business support executive:

  • Exceptional managerial abilities and strong organizational abilities.
  • Good interpersonal skills and communication skills.
  • Excellent ability to troubleshoot problems and find solutions to various types and varieties of issues that might arise.
  • To work as per the orders of the seniors and make sure that their plans are implemented and executed.
  • To keep oneself updated with the latest developments in the company.

Business Support Executive Education and Qualification

The following are the educational qualifications needed by a business support executive:

  • A bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics or accountancy is a must.
  • A master’s degree is not compulsory but an MBA might be preferred and asked for by certain companies.
  • Relevant experience in the field of corporate administration may be required.

Business Support Executive Salary

A business support executive can expect to earn a yearly average salary of $80000.

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