Business Teacher Job Description

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Any person who teaches a subject related to business such as business management, administration, finance, accounting, sales, marketing, human resources, labor relations etc. is known as a business teacher.

A business teacher may either work in a school or a college or any other kind of an educational institute such as a business school etc. Depending upon the subject he/she teaches, the responsibilities may vary but more or less the job profile of a business teacher remains the same. The following is a detailed business teacher job description.

Business Teacher Duties and Responsibilities

The following are some of the main duties and responsibilities of a business teacher:

  • A business teacher is responsible for creating lesson plans according to the curriculum and then teaching as per the plan.
  • He/she is responsible for not only teaching from the books but also sharing practical examples and teaching about the current scenario of the economy etc. to the students.
  • It is the responsibility of a business teacher to prepare assignments, quizzes, tests; examinations etc. for the students and then mark them to evaluate the performance of the pupils.
  • A business teacher is also responsible for preparing notes, maintaining student records, meeting with their parents at parent teacher meetings etc.
  • Another duty of a business teacher is to solve the doubts of students and help out those who lag behind as compared to the other students.

Business Teacher Skills and Specifications

A business teacher needs to possess the following given skills and specifications:

  • A business teacher should be an excellent teacher with superb knowledge of the subject that he/she is teaching.
  • A business teacher must be cooperative, patience, observant and highly intellectual.
  • He/she should be hardworking, focussed and very diligent.
  • Any person working as a business teacher should be punctual and have critical thinking ability.

Business Teacher Education and Qualification

The following are some of the educational requirements for a business teacher:

  • To become a business teacher, one must pursue bachelor’s degree in a business related subject such as business administration, finance, accounting etc.
  • Getting a master’s degree in business administration or a related field may also be asked for by certain employers.
  • A business teacher can pursue short term diploma courses to further polish their skills.
  • Sometimes, bachelors in education degree or B.Ed. may also be made a compulsory requirement.

Business Teacher Salary

The average annual income earned by a business teacher is $86820.

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