Butler Job Description

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Butler Job Profile and Description

A butler plays an important role among a team of professionals who strive to offer a high level of personalized service that not only surpasses any guest’s expectations but also adds a point of difference if comparison between the facility and any other is done. The butler position enables one to provide highly personalized, detailed and flawless service to guests. A butler takes care of guests’ needs in a highly proficient manner. The butler also ensures that guests receive care without necessarily having to impose himself on them. Butlers work as live-out or live-in employees

Duties and Responsibilities

Butler job duties include the following:

  • Receiving guests.
  • Maintaining the operations of the household and/or running personal household tasks for clients or the employer.
  • Supervision of service vendors.
  • Arranging travel plans for the employer as well as the household guests.
  • Maintaining household security.
  • Assisting in cooking as well as serving meals and drinks to guests.
  • Arranging the table for serving meals.
  • Drawing household budgets.
  • Keeping wine cellars and having knowledge regarding fine wines.
  • Offering general valet services.
  • Managing various supplies in secondary dwellings.
  • Hiring and supervising junior staff.
  • Setting maintenance programs for miscellaneous equipment within a hotel or resort such as planes, boats and stables.
  • Managing housekeeping duties.

Skills and Specifications

Butler job skills need the following attributes:

  • Possession of excellent public communication skills.
  • A passion for serving guests and collaborating with other staff.
  • Ability to work under pressure and for long unscheduled hours.
  • Excellent managerial and supervision skills.

Education and Qualification

Certificate or diploma in butlering or catering

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