Cake Decorator Job Description

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Cake decorator job profile and description

Cake decorators decorate cakes by making various patterns on them. This is very delicate art and requires a lot of precision and innovation. The job requires a lot of experience and some amount of inherent talent. There is a growing need for cake decorators in the country. A cake decorator’s job is like that of an artist or a painter. He creates beautiful patterns on cakes and makes them look delicious.

Cake decorator duties and responsibility

The duties and responsibilities of a cake decorator are listed below.

  • Perceiving patterns and designs for cakes
  • Decorating and making different patterns on cakes
  • Deciding the size of cakes needed for the perceived pattern
  • Preparing the decorating materials like icing and trims
  • Training cake decoration staff
  • Supervising the delivery of the prepared cake
  • Keeping the baking equipment and the kitchen spic and span

Cake decorator skills and specification

The skills that a cake decorator needs to get noticed in the field of cake decorations are listed below.

  • Exceptionally innovative and creative mind to conceive unique patterns
  • An eye for detail
  • Perfect precision, otherwise the whole cake creation runs the risk of collapse
  • Since baking and modeling of cakes takes time, a cake decorator needs to have good time management strategies
  • Good communication, organization and management skills
  • Geometrical precision to bring a balance in the cake patterns

Cake decorator education and qualification

Cake decoration is pure talent. The creativity and innovation required to perceive designs in cakes cannot be taught in classrooms. However, a cake decorator needs to have an in depth knowledge about the ingredients that go into decoration and baking. The qualification that a cake decorator requires is gives below.

  • A certification course in pastry arts
  • An associate degree in baking and pastry arts

Cake decorator salary

The salary of a cake decorator depends on his level of expertise and experience. His salary ranges between $11.57 to $14.75 per hour.

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