Call Center Trainer Job Description

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Call Center Trainer Job Description and Profile

The call center is a highly popular type of organization where good number of people work. But then it requires a trainer who can educate the employees on different facets related to this organization. The call center trainer is responsible for training the new recruits and making them aware of the system in which the call center functions. They also train the employees on newly developed ideas which need to be implemented in the functioning of the call center for best results.

Call Center Trainer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing and directing all aspects related to the incoming operations of the call center and other functions effectively.
  • Implementing and reviewing the call center related policies and procedures along with the strategies very effectively.
  • Monitoring and developing the quotas meant for service volumes and the timeliness properly.
  • Monitoring the performance of call center employees and motivating agents in the task of achieving high performance.
  • Monitoring the calls attended by the trainees and other employees for the purpose of quality assurance.
  • Recruiting and hiring of new personnel as well as employees timely.
  • Handling the escalated concerns which lie outside the boundary of floor supervisors.
  • Maintaining the level of coordination lying from branch managers and the CCE service representatives.
  • Identifying the service problems and also recommending solutions to seniors whenever required.
  • Keeping updated about the changing trends in the world of operations in the call centers.

Call Center Trainer Education, Training and Qualifications

A call center trainer needs to own a bachelor’s degree in some social science subject or can posses an MBA degree. He should have the experience of working as an intern under a call center trainer in order to learn the intricacies of this field. Past working experience is absolutely imperative to get recruited by a company.

Call Center Trainer Degrees, Courses & Certifications

Though formal education is highly imperative for a call center trainer, this professional also needs to be verbally fluent and should have great training skills in order to teach his trainees well. There are many call center training related courses which can be done in order to improve one’s teaching skills.

Call Center Trainer Skills and Specifications

  • Ability to carry out correct evaluation
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and great teaching skills
  • Deep knowledge of banking policies
  • Great problem solving abilities and superior level communication skills
  • Great presence of mind

Call Center Trainer Salary/Wage

The salary of Call Center Trainer is about $80,000 annually. With the rise in the rank of this professional, there would be increase in his/her salary level.


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