Caregiver Job Description

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Caregive Job Profile and Description

A Caregiver is such a professional who plays an important role in assisting the elderly people, infants and the disabled people through the performance of a number of tasks. These people usually visit the seniors in their home and can also play an important role as a staff at a nursing care faculty. These people operate in the health care industry and are meant to clean, feed and keep their patients safe.

Caregiver Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Helping those clients who suffer from the physical and cognitive health problems.
  • Helping these patients to walk, assisting them in carrying out exercises and helping them in maintaining memory.
  • Using memory books and the specialized drills for
  • Ensuring that seniors are receiving proper nutrition by making their meals, performing the grocery shopping and also determining food which is due for expiration dates.
  • Assisting these patients with toileting and bathing whenever required.
  • Performing a variety of housekeeping tasks which is highly difficult for them and also helping them to maintain a calendar of appointments.

Caregiver Job Skills and Specifications

  • Responsible
  • Ability to give emotional support to the patients
  • Good supervisory abilities
  • Caring
  • Presence of mind
  • Maternal instinct

Caregiver Education and Qualifications

  • These people do not require any particular qualification as most of the caregivers receive on job training.
  • There are a number of caregivers who receive nurse aid training at a vocational college.

Caregiver Job Salary

Though these people need to perform considerable amount of work their salaries are very high. They often do not receive the recognition they deserve. The average salary of a caregiver as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics is less than USD 18,000 a year.


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