Catastrophe Modelling Analyst Job Description

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Catastrophe Modelling Analyst Job Profile and Description

Any individual who uses various kinds of data to measure the risk for an organisation such as an insurance firm or a financial company is known as a catastrophe modelling analyst. These individuals are also called actuarial analysts or simple actuaries as well.

Basically, the job of a catastrophe modelling analyst is to determine the catastrophic situations for the company by the means of analysis and come out with suggestions that can delay or reduce the risks.

Catastrophe Modelling Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the main job duties as well as responsibilities of a catastrophe modelling analyst:

  • The job of a catastrophe modelling analyst is to analyse the given data and chances of and the costs that will be incurred in the case of accidents, deaths, injuries or damage.
  • It is the duty of a catastrophe modelling analyst to make use of statistical models to determine the upcoming catastrophe events and try to diminish their effect or influence.
  • Another duty of a person working as a catastrophe modelling analyst is to minimise costs of risk situations and develop policies which can prove to be beneficial for the firm or company.
  • Some other responsibilities of these individuals include creating pension plans, making investment policies and plans etc.

Catastrophe Modelling Analyst Skills and Specifications

The following are the skills and specifications required by a catastrophe modelling analyst:

  • A catastrophe modelling analyst must be good at mathematics and statistics and must have strong written and oral communication skills.
  • He/she should possess multi-tasking abilities and have an analytical bend of mind to solve problems during risk situations etc.
  • It is important for every catastrophe modelling analyst to be detail-oriented and have a strong knowledge of using computer systems and statistical models etc.
  •  Some other skills required are knowing programming languages, being focuses and hardworking etc.

Catastrophe Modelling Analyst Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications required by a catastrophe modelling analyst are given as follows:

  • A bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics or actuarial science is an extremely important educational requirement.
  • Master’s degree in the mentioned fields or in business administration or risk management can also be considered useful.
  • A certification may also be required in some cases.

Catastrophe Modelling Analyst Salary

A Catastrophe modelling analyst can expect to take home an average annual salary of $84810.

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