CEO Job Description

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CEO Job Profile and Description:

A CEO or a chief executive officer is the operating head of a company. He is in charge and accountable for all the operations of the organisation and thus holds a very important position. They are the representative and decision maker of an organization and at the highest executive position in any company. This is a position which is associated with power, prestige, responsibilities and financial income.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A CEO is responsible for making strategic plans and setting business objectives
  • He evaluates the profitability of the various plans formulated by different departments and discusses them with the board of directors
  • He decide and implement the financial investment plans for the company
  • He has to analyze and distribute budgets to different projects
  • He must ensure that the financial strategies are firm’s cost effective and the revenues are maintained
  • Besides focusing on generating revenues he also has to decide on expansions through mergers and acquisitions

Skills and Specifications

  • A CEO needs to have exceptional leadership skills as he has to motivate the entire company and lead by setting an example himself
  • He should have presence of mind and have quick decision-making abilities
  • He must have good communication and networking skills and interact with other people from the corporate world
  • He must have a natural instinct for business and management
  • He must promote a positive atmosphere and keep track of all the different departments of the company
  • He needs to be a man of integrity and should be honest in his dealings without misusing his power

Education and Qualifications

The CEO is a designation which is at the highest position in the corporate ladder and so only highly experienced people are given this job. One may start with an MBA degree and gradually work his way up.

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