Charity Fundraiser Job Description

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Charity Fundraiser Job Profile and Description

Charity Fundraisers job is basically to create event or occasions involving people to raise funds for a social cause. This job involves maintaining good connect with the society, finding the interest of common people and arrange for an event or show accordingly.

It will involve analysing the number of turn up’s, gathering potential required for conducting a show or an event and organizing the event. This is a challenging role involving good people management and coming up with creative events every time.

Charity Fundraiser Duties and Responsibilities

Some of the duties and responsibilities of a Charity Fundraiser is mentioned below.

  • The Charity fundraiser should possess strong imagination skills to come up with new and better events or shows every time.
  • Should be aware of the society they live in, to find out appropriate agencies who could contribute to charity
  • Have to be an extrovert, and meet people to explain the importance of charity and create awareness about charity.
  • Should come up with more creative ideas to reach people who are sympathetic and gain their attention.
  • Must be aware of the social gatherings and target right audiences.
  • Should have good knowledge about media.
  • Should organize various level of fundraising activities to inculcate the thought of charity among everyone
  • Must conduct surveys and do continuous research on the charity awareness and results.

Charity Fundraiser Skills and Specifications

Some of the skill sets and specifications for Charity Fundraiser are mentioned below.

  • Should be equipped with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Should possess good creativity and imagination ability.
  • Possess sound knowledge on media reach and influence.
  • Capable of reaching people with open mind.
  • Must be well mannered and polite with public.
  • Should be a capable and confident leader to lead the team.
  • Have positive outlook towards everything and spread positive awareness to others.
  • Must be good spirited.
  • Passionate about charity and the work.

Charity Fundraiser Education and Qualification

The education and qualification requirements for Charity Fundraiser are mentioned below:

  • A bachelor’s degree in English or sociology
  • Certified interpersonal communicator.
  • Foreign language knowledge is preferred.
  • Previous event management experience is preferred.
  • Should have basic awareness of media and social connecting technologies.

Charity Fundraiser Salary

Salary of a Charity Fundraiser ranges from $30,000 annually. However it varies with the successful association of the person with the company.

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