Chartered Public Finance Accountant Job Description

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Chartered Public Finance Accountant Job Profile and Description

A chartered public finance accountant is responsible to handle all the accounts and the financial operations of a Public company. They are also entrusted with controlling all the budgetary decisions of the organisation.

Apart from this the chartered public finance accountants have many responsibilities to fulfill such as develop and advise on financial management activities of the company, assessment of costs and expenses of the company, inspection of financial records of the company, ensure adherence to all accounting practices and others.

Chartered Public Finance Accountant Duties and Responsibilities

The major duties and responsibilities of a chartered public finance accountant are given below:

  • The candidate is responsible for effectively maintaining the overall company financial budgets.
  • The candidate must be capable of managing all the staff working in the finance department.
  • Auditing the company reports regularly and maintaining proper records of the same.
  • Provide proper financial assistance for all projects of the company.
  • Should be in a position to control the expenses of the company.
  • Develop all the financial policies that the company has to adhere to.

Chartered Public Finance Accountant Skills and Specifications

A chartered public finance accountant requires specific skills and specification. Below listed are few of them.

  • Good communication skills.
  • Good interpersonal skills at all levels.
  • Proper planning and management skills are very crucial.
  • Must possess excellent analytical skills as well.
  • Should be self driven to achieve the required results in an effective way.
  • Must be well versed in the IT field and also have the required computer knowledge.

Chartered Public Finance Accountant Education and Qualification

The education and qualification of a chartered public finance accountant are given below.

  • The candidate should have acquired a bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Business management to work in the position of Chartered Public finance accountant.
  • A Masters degree in Accounting or Business management would be an added advantage.
  • The candidate should have appeared and passed the examination conducted by the American Institute of certified accountants to become a certified professional in the field.
  • Must also possess experience in varied accounting projects.

Chartered Public Finance Accountant Salary

The average salary of a chartered public finance accountant is around $67,000 per annum. The salary may vary depending upon various factors like the type of organisation, skills, qualifications and experience of the candidate and others.

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