Chef Job Description

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Chef Job Profile and Description:

A chef treats food like an art and he not only prepares a dish, but is also passionately involved with it that it should both taste good and look beautiful. Chefs work in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, airlines etc and have a team of junior chefs, working for him whom he has to supervise.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The job responsibilities of a chef varies according to his designations
  • An executive chef prepares the menu, selecting special or general dishes
  • He decides the theme of the menu and also chooses the d├ęcor, cutlery, crockery, accessories, upholstery, etc
  • He has to directly engage himself in the process of food preparation
  • He must be able to entertain guests and inform them about the dish and oversee customer relations
  • He should have in-depth knowledge about the dish, not just the recipe but also the history and tradition of the dish
  • He must manage his employees and maintain coordination among their work
  • He has to see that all the dishes are prepared on time and hygienic conditions are maintained
  • He has to ensure the quality of the dish before serving it to his guests
  • He should establish and maintain contacts with vendors
  • He must make sure that all the supplies and stocks are maintained in the pantry
  • He is also responsible for marketing operations of his restaurant and make necessary strategies for that

Skills and Specifications

  • A chef must have sensitive palate and a deep interest and enthusiasm about food
  • He should be knowledgeable about all the ingredients and their combination
  • He must be creative and not be afraid to experiment with food
  • He must be organised and be able to handle pressure

Education and Qualifications

Most chefs attend culinary school or go for a course in hotel management.

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