City Bus Driver Job Description

August 6, 2010 | By More

City Bus Driver Job Profile and Description

City Bus Drivers are people who transport common people from one place to another in a city, following a particular route. Riders identify which bus to ride, either by reading bus numbers or destinations printed on them.  City bus driver’s job may need working at unconventional timings but there is plenty of scope for extra income by working overtime.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • He has to drive responsibly and take care of the physical safety of the boarders.
  • He has to responsibly stop at all designated places or bus-stops and receive/drop all the boarders.
  • He must not ignore any riders and take special notice while riders are boarding on or off the bus to avoid injuries.
  • He must be equipped with first aid solutions in case of any accident happen inside the bus.
  • He must coordinate with the bus conductor in transporting the riders.

Skills and Specifications

  • A city bus driver must be calm and controlled person and should never indulge in rash driving.
  • He must be aware of all traffic routes that cover the part of the city wherein he drives.
  • He must always obey all traffic rules.
  • He should communicate properly with special riders such as tourists and help them. He should also take special care while picking/dropping elderly people, children and ladies.
  • He must hold all his riders with high respect and also should help the conductor in handling unruly riders.
  • He must be physically fit to work for long hours.

Education and Qualifications

City bus drivers need a valid commercial driving license and should have undergone all the necessary trainings and tests.  Though high school diploma is enough for them but any additional educational qualification will provide an edge over the others. The city bus drivers are needed to clear all the written and practical tests which are needed.

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