Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Description

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Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Profile and Description

A clinical nurse specialist is responsible for a variety of duties which involve development, implementation and maintenance of a comprehensive health care system for patients, and also provide clinical assessment of the patient’s condition.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A clinical nurse specialist has to oversee work responsibilities assignments of other professionals working under him
  • He is responsible for making, developing, implementing and evaluating policies and procedures related to nursing
  • He has to make within nursing care and according to the established treatment measures
  • He assesses the patient and makes a diagnosis based on observation, inspection and review of the patient’s condition and vitals
  • He has to collect and present necessary data required needed for clinical therapy and treatment
  • He has to assist the physician and provide primary clinical therapy and treatment to individuals and groups of patients
  • He also provides services like physiotherapy, psychotherapy, behaviour therapy etc as part of treatment
  • He has to participate in and plan nursing programmes and objectives, along with other medical staff members
  • He needs to keep reports of the patient’s development and condition and update the database

Skills and Specifications

  • A clinical nurse specialist must be organised and have presence of mind
  • He must have a positive attitude and be understanding to the patients’ requirements
  • He should be ready to work for long and odd hours
  • He must have extensive knowledge of the development and implementation of healthcare programmes and treatment
  • He must have strong leadership skills and should motivate his team

Education and Qualifications

A clinical nurse specialist must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a diploma from a reputed school of nursing. He should also have cleared the licensing exam required in his respective country in order to work.

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