Compliance Administrator Job Description

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A compliance administrator is involved in managing the compliance program of a software firm and he can function as an independent body who reviews and evaluates compliance issues within the concerned organization.He interacts with colleagues, conducts internal investigations and decides on policies and guidelines to compliance staff. He ensures that the Board of Directors, management and employees are fully aware of the legal rules and regulations, concerned company policies and procedures are being followed, and that behavior of company employees and officials matches the company’s Standards of Conduct. He may act as staff to the company head or Board of Trustees’ Corporate Compliance Committee by overseeing and reporting results of the compliance/ethics efforts of the company directly to them. He may also offer guidance for the Board and senior management team on matters relating to compliance.

Compliance Administrator Duties and Responsibilities

A compliance administrator may perform the following duties and responsibilities as listed below:

  • Accurately complete administrative forms and provide correct information to clients.
  • Ensure whether all the rules and regulations of the compliance programs are followed.
  • Be able to Communicate effectively.
  • Answer to inquiries, complaints, and/or grievances in time.
  • Maintain licenses, certificates, registrations etc.
  • Perform clerical duties as per requirement.
  • Ensure maintenance of proper statistical data on all fees charged for all permits.
  • Work under pressure and able to carry out and give instructions effectively.
  • Properly process and analyze on permits and code violations.
  • Create and process database and forms as and when required.
  • Research information about latest developments in concerned field  as and when required.
  • Maintain proper records of clients.

Compliance Administrator Skills and Specifications

A compliance administrator must have the following skills and specifications as given below:

  • Excellent communication skill, both written and verbal.
  • Must have a pleasant personality and good interpersonal skill.
  • Persuasive and motivated.
  • Goal oriented and good organizational skill.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Ability to work for long hours.
  • Should be able to handle pressure.

Compliance Administrator education and qualification

A compliance administrator must possess the following education and qualification:

  • A minimum bachelor’s degree in the respective field from any accredited university or institution.
  • Master’s degree will be given preference.
  • Must have interned in a reputed software firm/ organization.
  • Must have experience of 5 years in reputed software MNC.

Compliance Administrator Salary

A compliance administrator may receive an annual salary of $30,000-$45,000. The salary amount may however vary in different companies based on their location and payroll policies.



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