Construction Contracts Manager Job Description

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Construction Contracts Manager Job Profile and Description

A Construction Contracts Manager is an individual who works for a construction company and oversees the working of a construction project from start till the end. He/she ensures that each work is being handled well and is executed as per the made plans.  They ensure that work is completed on time and within the set budget.  In some cases, these individuals may be responsible for a single scheme whereas in other cases, they may be required to handle the overall project. In either case, one needs the right qualifications and skills to do well. The following is a detailed job description of a construction contracts manager:

Construction Contracts Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the main job duties and responsibilities of a construction contracts manager:

  • The main duty is to supervise all the activities of construction engineers and workers on the site.
  • To oversee the functioning of labourers, workers and other technicians to see to it that they are working as per plan and according to the needs of the project.
  • To handle worker queries and resolve any issues that might arise on the site of work.
  • To study construction plans and define the duties and tasks of different workers.
  • To coordinate activities of different workers to see to it that everything goes on smoothly.

Construction Contracts Manager Skills and Specifications

Any person working at the position of a construction contracts manager is required to fulfil the following given skills and specifications:

  • Strong leadership qualities and exceptional managerial skills are required.
  • Good knowledge of construction practices, materials, equipments, materials and tools is also needed.
  • Good interpersonal skills and strong verbal and written communication skills are also needed.
  • Good organizational abilities and being deadline oriented is also very important.
  • To be a good team player and capable of executing plans as required are some of the other skills needed.

Construction Contracts Manager Education and Qualification

The following are some of the educational qualifications needed by a Construction Contracts Manager:

  • A high school diploma or certification from a state accredited school is a mandatory requirement.
  • Bachelor’s degree is not a compulsory requirement but pursuing a professional degree or diploma course in the field of construction can prove useful.

Construction Contracts Manager Salary

Any person who is working as a construction contracts manager can expect to earn an annual salary of $68000.

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